Oh, Baby! Pincushions!

It is becoming apparent I will needle felt a pin cushion out of anything that doesn't outrun me-even teensy cute little baby shoes!
This cushion embellished with girly lace...
And this one has tatting. 'Ship's Wheel' is what my Grandma Wilson taught me.  I can still tat that if I take the time to think it through, but I never did get beyond the one pattern.

And I was able to spin the nasty wool I told you about yesterday. The problem seemed to be really heavy lanolin, so I soaked the wool in warm sudsy water (twice), hung it to dry and tried again this morning. Still heavy with lanolin! (Only soap and hot water got it off my hands) And this, after the original owner had dyed and bathed both the Merino and her Shetland...hmmm... So, though I will use it for mermaid hair, it hangs a little lank, even though over spun into highly energized yarn!