Another day of dyeing? You bet!

Got a teal/bright green 'stripe' by dyeing in a braid!

I want to just felt this and make a landscape!

And here is the latest update on the Orchard piece I am working on-
Got the French knots on, but it needs a little fine tuning on the sky and then the wooly stick hanger, then it is done.  And then there are these pieces...

Sugar Free


L'il Lake

I AM: Light

I AM: Breath

About 1/2 of the wooly coasters are done...
There is nothing like the prospect of a potentially good Farmer's Market this weekend to light the fire of completion and production under this artist!


  1. I love all those colors and your art is just beautiful! L'il lake is so sweet.

  2. Thank you for you compliments and for becoming a follower, Heather. I read you have 4 kiddos, that is on buhizzzee job you have! As a mom of 2 30-something adults I can assure you, as many have before me, that this little person time zooms by in a blink. I know you will treasure the time and the memories! Blessings.

  3. What a cute Goldfish.....so sweet.

  4. Thanks, BillieBee! Glad you like my wooly beasts!