Try anything once, or twice!

Apple, alder, onion, rusty tin, toadstools, dandelion, espresso, rose hips...
There must be 'something in the air' because I can't seem to stop dyeing. A couple days ago DH and I went up into the woods and hiked through the wilderness looking for things to dye with. I love playing with vegetative dyes, it is always a surprise when you are through. Some give fantastic colors, some blah, but you can always re-do the blahs until you get 'ahhs'!
I read another book on dyeing, loaned to me by a friend. I am finding you cannot read too much regarding dyeing, dyers, and each individual's discoveries. The gem I got from this last read was the addition of soda ash toward the end of the dye process. I had boiled down a mass of dandelions, placed wool in some of the broth, pre-soaked in alum and cream of tartar. I also did a jar with soda ash pre-soaked cotton. This morning when I un-jarred them the results were pretty much a blah tan. Since that meant trying something else on them anyway I poured some soda ash solution on both and TADAH! They yellow-greened right up. I am letting them soak a bit more, then out to dry and finish processing!
I also received my ProcionMX order yesterday. Now that I have read this last book with its different twist to dyeing, I pretty much know what I will be doing the rest of this week! I will post the pix as I get the final results. I learned long ago not to get all excited over some color apparently achieved, because it doesn't count until it has gone through the washer and dryer. I sell my fabrics/fibers to the public and the product has to pass muster. Time to go play. Have a great day!

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