Art and Rescue

Besides art, sometimes I have to step outside and rescue the latest kamikaze bird. We feed the little darlings, everything from teensy caliope hummingbirds to chunky Stellar's Jays and Gray Jays. Unfortunately, all those well feed birds have attracted the attention of a sharp shinned hawk. When he swoops in for the kill the dozens of birds scatter like buckshot, often crashing into our huge picture windows. Sometimes there are fatalities, but often my husband or I go out and scoop up the latest stunned one and hold them until the hawk is gone and they can re-orient themselves. Yesterday this little swallow was my gift for the day. They are so iridescent and beautiful. It was such a privilege to hold on to it until it could grasp the limb. And, yes, it did finally fly away, 'all better'. :?}

If Vincent Van Gogh had worked in wool, this is what it might have looked like...

And you thought I had dyed all that wool just for fun. Well, yes, but I did have plans to use it, and it turns out it is another addiction, or, as a very nice reader titled it, 'a series'. Lindy is working in a series (because she is addicted to working with wool at the moment!)

It has been a good day!


  1. Lindy, those are beautiful. I help, feed and love the little birds that come to visit my feeders. I had a visit from an orele (spelling?) this morning had to sneak in the house to show my mom. She was very excited said he must be lost. He was such a beautiful shade of orange. It made my day! The series are really breathtaking.

  2. I am in my van Gogh period. I think there will be one more, then back to Gilda Baron inspired pieces! We too, get such joy and laughter out of feeding and watching the birds, Lisa. This winter was cold and snowy and the competition for the the seed got pretty fierce sometimes. Even our ground feeders, doves/quail/etc., were up on the rail right under the feeders, even reaching up to snatch food right from the feeder. When a downy woodpecker was feeding he found the quail under him a threat and would hope on their backs and 'woodpecker' them! Hilarious! Today's thrill was 2 western bluebirds coming for grit near my quilt shed. :?}